We are preparing application testers to labor market...

...and we are offering their services to you

Kosinsci.IT - wdrażamy testerów

Here are is our offer

Would you like to become tester?

We have created proprietary program which includes few months of adaptation process of people who had been trained in professional training schools, meeting the local labor market needs.

We implement testers 

If you need:

-short term testers ASAP

-long term testers

-temporary testers whom you want to hire for full time contract

They are aware of text scenario, credibility, punctuality and who are replaceable 

Details few centimeters below

We are offering the position of testers 

How long do I need to work with the tester till he can supervise the implementation project by himself?

On the whole you do not work with the tester but with his attendant . The attendants are dealing with the procedure implementation as well as introduction of testers to the project.

We will replace him with another. Our procedures and records guarantee complete replacement of testers.

Our goal is to assure continuity of your project.

What happens when testers resigns suddenly?

My present tester makes too simple tests 

Each month we add new testing scenarios to make your product examined in defined and con generic way.

We are aware of your fears

What else you might be concerned about?

This is natural .

Noone is capable of detecting all the mistakes. It's all about the probability. We are trying to maximalize it. 

Tester did not picked up all the mistakes

We do not promise pie in the sky. That's why we need to know:

-What are we testing?

-What is your work methodology?

-do you have any/ how many environments?
-and the most important how does your records look?

Why don't we have fixed price list?

We will find out about the present testing process and the team profile. In the meantime we will contact the candidate. After verification you will receive the report with the persons profile within the 48hrs

What do you need to verify our tester?

Manual tester with more than 3 years of experience costs 10000 PLN Net.

Automatic tester with minimum 2 years experience costs 13,000 PLN Net. In B2B contract. 

How much does manual/ automatic tester cost if I want to hire him permanently?

If you need anything else from the testing line , feel welcomed to state your requirements. 

We are very flexible.

You have other needs

We will have a conversation, test the candidate and create the raport.

We will test your tester

75 PLN per conversation

You need tests but you do not want to spend time organizing testing department? 

XX PLN/month

We will test your product

Justyna Kosińska-Kałek – more than 7 years of testing programming in different business lines and projects conducting. Specializes in testers implementation into business environments (according to methods like Waterfall, ITIL, Agile).

She runs trainings and supports the recruiters in technical verification of testing candidates on every specialization levels. She coo-worked with Carrefour, Teb Akademia, PKO BP, HBR, JCommerce, Getin Noble Bank, Sygnity, NBC, czy też Coderslab.


Marcin Hugo Kosiński  - journalist, entrepreneur and copywriter. Coauthor of free market business radio KonteStacja.com, coauthor of comic book Zen Sarkazmu (Zen of sarcasm),founder of educational platform Edukatorium and long term Project Manager of Interia.pl portal.

Co owner of Kosinscy.it enterprise, in which he is responsible for communication and marketing. 


I was impressed by the flexibility of the speaker, who adjusted the program to the needs of the participants.


The speaker approach was extraordinary as it did not create barriers between the participants and the leader, which I consider the great advantage. What is more we had no concerns with asking questions as we were encouraged by the speaker.

Possibility of gaining practical knowledge.





Excellent response to students, great involvement in sharing the knowledge and motivation to learning. I loved the practical examples of true “tester's life”. I appreciated the patience in responding to all our questions, even those not connected with testing but the general IT business line.

Working on Jira and Testlink – learning the tools and practical use was the most important for me.

Our 3 invulnerable principles

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Our workers are legally obliged to keep your projects confident.



If something is not possible to obtain, we declare it.

We set the reasonable realization date so as to avoid unnecessary postponing. And assure you of terminable task execution.